Remember, I Already Told You

January 6, 2017

I already told you
I don’t remember
I forgot
Big deal
Saying to me, “I already told you”
Give that some thought
What is the point in saying that?
What does it accomplish?
“Remember, I already told you”
Exactly what are you trying to communicate?
Something about me?
My inferiority? My failings?
Something about you?
Your superiority?
What makes you so sure you have?
What is the possibility that you think you have told me and in reality you never did?
What if your memory is just as fragile as mine?
If you forget and say to me “Remember, I told you”
I shall smile and say,
“It is not necessary to tell me you already told me,
as clearly,
if you did tell me,
I have forgotten.
So, just be kind, tell me again.
It is not useful to remind me of my shortcomings
or begin a “you did not”, “yes I did” argument.
So, be kind, smile, and tell me again…
as if for the first time

Just like I will be able to tell you this over and over again with perfect equanimity
I will not remember
I have already told you

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