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Drawing on her nearly 50 years of experience in working with emotionally and behaviorally impacted children (resulting from early childhood abuse and neglect), Deborah specializes in coaching adoptive parents to help their foster and adopted children adjust and heal from past traumas, overcome their fears, and effectively integrate into their new families and environments.

Although professionally trained as a adoption competent therapist and social worker, Deborah truly sees her role as that of a coach for adoptive parents. She works from a detailed review and understanding of each child’s/family’s unique history, traumas and circumstances, and will support and guide adoptive parents in the effective use of the tools and processes that are best suited to the healing process for their child’s particular needs.

Sessions will consist of discovering the complete history of the child, understanding the family environment, addressing the past, present and future issues and behaviors that have arisen, or which might be anticipated to arise for the child throughout the healing process, and providing parents with the tools and support to address these issues in a healthy manner to best help their child heal and grow for the enduring benefit of both the child and the family alike.

Deborah has been working with traumatized children since 1973, when she adopted a badly neglected infant. Since that time, Deborah and her husband fostered and/or adopted over 14 children many of which children came to Deborah emotionally and behaviorally affected due to early childhood abuse and neglect. As an adoption competent therapist and parenting coach, Deborah has now helped thousands of families in overcoming the impacts of past neglect, abuse and other traumas; providing the support and tools they need to create for themselves a happier, freer and more connected life.

The ideas and interventions presented here have not been developed solely by Deborah. She has worked with numerous other therapists and parents over the years, notably Nancy Thomas, whose continued partnership and collaboration she appreciates…….

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Meet Deborah Hage, MSW

Deborah is a mother who became a therapist by necessity and believes parents are a child’s primary therapist.  When parents are given the right support and tools they can be successful.

Deborah has been working with traumatized children since 1973, when she adopted a badly neglected infant.  She and her husband raised 10 children, many of them emotionally and behaviorally disturbed due to early childhood abuse and neglect.  Since then she has helped thousands of families and adults find ways to help themselves and their children create for themselves a happier, more connected, life.

To request a free initial consultation contact Deborah. Send an email to

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Working with Deb, I realized for the first time, how much doesn't matter.  Homework, toothbrushing, piano lessons......none of it matters if I don't have a loving relationship with my son.
I am grateful that our entire family is in a better spot right now.  I am better able to handle the stress of the divorce and the kids.  I am feeling good about the communication patterns my ex and I are establishing around the kids, able to work though disagreements without being triggered by anger. Our daughter has made so reference to being suicidal in months. Our son's migraines have lessened and I am calmer then I have been in a long time.
You take the weight of a difficult child off my shoulders by making it much easier to parent her.  I like being given practical ideas of different things I can do so I am not so overwhelmed.