Private Therapy

Parenting Counselor for Adoptive Parents

parenting counselor for adoptive parents

Deborah practices a unique kind of therapy for adoptive families. She considers herself the parenting counselor for adoptive parents, while the parents are the primary therapists for their adopted children.  Therapy will consist of getting a complete history of the child, issues and family, and use that as a foundation to suggest parenting interventions that might be more useful than some of those the parent/s are currently using. Adoptive parent counseling sessions are initially weekly. Deborah and the parents will discuss the issues the child is presenting.  Deborah and the adoptive parent(s) will discuss how to help the child heal from that behavior. As the parents are able to adapt in positive ways to their children’s behaviors, the sessions become further apart.

Deborah’s rates are $150 per hour in her private counseling practice. This fee also applies to phone, email and Skype consults.

New Clients

To request a free initial consultation, send an email to Deborah at or complete the form on the Contact page. In the initial email give a brief history of the child and a brief description of the behavioral and emotional issues that parents are having difficulty managing.

If Deborah believes she can be of help, she will reply with an invitation to make an online appointment (Skype preferably). At that appointment, the parent/s and Deborah will make a determination if her services would be useful to the family.

Contact Deb

Preparing for Your Initial Consultation

Between the time of the initial contact and the virtual appointment it will be important for parent/s to browse our Parent Resources and read some articles.

Initially read:

Please note, a parent or parents who are unwilling to do this first homework assignment are generally not a good fit for working with Deborah.

For a lighter touch check out Deborah’s Christmas Letter’s From the Edge, a humorous account of what life is like in a home confronted with daily emotional and behavioral upheaval.

More Resources

Next Steps - Intact Packet

Once it has been agreed that therapy will continue beyond the initial consultation, the intake packet must be printed, completed and mailed to Deborah Hage, PO Box 42, Silverthorne, CO 80498. It is helpful to make a copy for the family to keep before mailing it.
Intake Packet
parenting counselor for adoptive parents