Christmas 2013

What a mess we are in: Health care crashing, Syrians dying, typhoons howling, maniacs shooting, children starving, corporations scamming, pirates commandeering, politicians blaming…..

“And a light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it.”

If Jesus hadn’t been born, had not entered the world, at the darkest hour of the year, we would have had to invent him! We would not have been able to bear the turmoil, fear and grief without some guiding light out of the gloom.
“And a light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it.”

Paul and Granddaughters at Crazy Horse Andrew and Grandpa Paul, Alexandra, Cassie, & Deborah

Rebecca, Deborah, Paula, Alexandra, CassieHow do we make sense of the darkness? Rebecca and Pedro are divorcing. Alexandra, while doing well at her French academy, dance classes and gymnastics, (age 8) is begging to spend equal time with each of her parents. Financially, professionally they are successful so why do their lives feel so empty right now?

Jonathan, on the other hand is in a great relationship with his partner Guillermo, but Johathan & Guillermo suffering economically with little work from United Airlines. Fortunately he has volleyball and his volunteer orchestra to keep him above the fray.

Matthew & Becky – wedding partyMatthew…..ah…yes….Matthew. Matthew wed the fabulous Becky Glotzbach in September. The two of them could do stand up comedy! I hope the fun never stops for them.

Rachel, Kellie and their two sons Derek (8) and Andrew (2) are Rachel, Kelly, Derek & Andrewhappily ensconced in a charming home in Las Vegas. Rachel is homeschooling, keeping her head out of national and international politics to focus on their sons. Wise choice!

Ruben & CassieRuben continues to short order cook and devote his love and life to Cassie (9). She plays the piano and is becoming quite adept in Spanish.

Robert is safely surrounded by staff in a group home where he lives happily withinJamie his limitations. Jamie is still working in a fancy kitchen in Denver, Jesse is gainfully employed in a fast food restaurant and at least, temporarily, off the streets of Denver. His three children are living with various relatives in the Denver area and he struggles to stay in touch. Amber is raising her son incommunicado somewhere in Deborah & JesseDenver.

Brandon and his girlfriend of several years are making it on love and prayers in Illinois. With the exception of Amber we are in touch, to a greater or lesser degree, with all of the children so we can say with Paul, “I have learned in whatever circumstances I find myself in to be content.”

This is not where Paul and I thought we and our children would be at this stage of our lives, but it is where we are. We are blessed to be able to travel to and travel with our children and grandchildren, appreciating the blessings they daily give us. There are no bombs dropping through the roof or raging storm washing us out to sea. We are content.

“The light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it!”

The Hage FamilyPaul continues to labor over the accounting books for church and our home owner’s association. I continue to make The Community Dinner and the Friday Food Bags the weekly focal point of my volunteer efforts.  Fund raising, planning, purchasing, preparing, organizing volunteers, cleaning up……We have served over 75,000 free meals in the last 4 ½ years and give out 170 food bags to school children each week. Paul and I, our children……we are the lights that shine in the darkness. You, your families, your coworkers……are the lights that shine in the darkness.

When the sun is at its dimmest and the world seems as if it is falling into an abyss….

“The Light Shines in the Darkness
and the Darkness Cannot Overcome It!”

Paul and Deborah