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Professional Development

For Therapists, Caseworkers, Human Services Workers, Respite Providers and School Counselors

Day 2

Each of the following topics will be presented in sequence as they are listed here. Topics will take one and one half to two hours each.

Differential Diagnosis - RAD, ADHD, ODD, PTSD, Bipolar, and/or just plain over indulged
* Overview of each diagnosis and what it means in terms of behavior and treatment
* Treatment = Parenting, therapy and/or medication management
* Importance of treating the thought processes which drive the behavior rather than treating the behavior itself

Family Friendly Case Management - For most agencies the central duties for the case manager assigned to the family are somewhat mechanical. The primary goal of case management with a child and family affected by attachment disorders, mood disorders, thought disorder and oppositional defiant disorder is to provide those services which will enable the family to remain a unit.

The understanding is that if the child can be maintained in the home then the healing power of the mother in the nurturing environment will provide a foundation for the child to heal. Creating that ‘circle of support' in which the mother can heal the child is the primary goal of family friendly case management.

Case Management – Team work, cooperative effort, avoiding triangulation and manipulation, supporting the parents, creation of a “circle of support” and effective respite are all-important for the child to succeed. If the child can be maintained in the home the nurture and structure provided by the mother will heal the child. The team members are:
* Parents – importance of appropriate training and support, creating a steel box with a velvet lining
* Therapist – interventions that are family centered not child centered
* Psychiatrist – able to push the therapeutic doses to what the child needs, listening to the parents with the belief the parent is not exaggerating the symptoms, the child REALLY is doing what the parent says the child is doing
* School – avoiding triangulation and manipulation of the child that seeks to pit the parents against the school
* Community – provision of respite providers, family support from congregation and law enforcement
* Case Manager – holds it all together so the mother is supported and the child can be maintained in the family!!!
* Agency – provision of services essential to healing the child in the context of the family

Some of the ideas presented in the lecture series can be found in Deborah's booklet: Therapeutic Parenting: It's A Matter Of Attitude

Day 1
Advanced Parenting - Day 2

Deborah Hage, MSW

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