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Parenting - Living in the Trenches

Day 2

Each of the following topics will be presented in sequence as they are listed here. Topics will take one and one half to two hours each.

Parenting with Pizazz - Learn the art of consequencing. Have fun getting your child to cooperate.
* Making a child feel loved
* Deciding whose problem is whose
* Differences between consequencing and punishment
* The art of consequencing

What does that mean..."Attachment Therapy?" - A description of what parents can expect both in the therapy session and in the time in between sessions. How parents can best optimize the therapy for positive results in their child's behavior.
* What is attachment work?
* What the parents can expect from an attachment therapist
* The parents part in therapy
* The child's participation in therapy
* Will it work? - Who's choice does it have to be?

So you think all your child needs is love - Gearing Parenting Style to Child's Personality
* Specific parental techniques and interventions
* Overindulged children
* Dealing with control hassles

Parenting Techniques that Reinforce Attachment - Hands on techniques every parent can use to enhance their child's bond to them.
* Proactive Parenting
* Setting family tone
* Parent-child activities which promote attachment
* Importance of reciprocity in relationships
* Re-doing early developmental stages in a good way
* Importance of family rituals and traditions
* Demonstrating affection with a resistant child

Options to Anger - Dealing with Oppositional and Defiant Behaviors - Ever feel like exploding? Many children behave as if they have the same authority as adults. Learning how to mean business without being mean is key for parents who want to become "child whisperers." Concrete suggestions on channeling that energy into positive directions.
* Diagnosis of ODD vs simple negativism and other possible diagnoses
* Role of parental anger
* Child's view of conflict vs. adult's view of conflict
* Placing responsibility for child's behavior on the child
* Specific techniques and interventions for handling negative behaviors
* Difference between punishment and consequences, how to tell which is being used

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - FAS presents unique problems to families and others who would help victims. Understanding the developmental issues as the children move through childhood into adolescence and adulthood will enable professionals in schools, human services, medicine, law enforcement and vocational rehabilitation to be more effective.
* Cause and prevalence
* Diversity of effects - benign to severe
* Ages and stages - how they differ from "normal" childhood development
* Developmental needs in infancy, toddlerhood, school, adolescence, and adulthood
* Hope for the future

Some of the ideas presented in the lecture series can be found in Deborah's booklet: Therapeutic Parenting: It's A Matter Of Attitude

Day 1
Professional Development - Day 2

Deborah Hage, MSW

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