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For Parents, Therapists and Caseworkers

Day 1

Day 1 material is always similar because brain development is a very critical piece of the puzzle. Parents, caseworkers, educators, therapists and medical doctors will find this informative seminar well worth their attention. Each of the following topics will be presented in sequence as they are listed here and will comprise a full day.

Keys to Personality Development - Children behave the way they behave because they think the way they think. Understanding how children learned to think the way they think and thus behave the way they behave is crucial to determining how to help them.
* Critical stages of brain, and therefore personality, development
* Role of genetics, the in utero experience and the first two years of life
* Bonding cycle and breaks in the bond
* Causes of child's negativism
* Importance of defusing oppositional behaviors

Therapeutic Parenting: It's a Matter of Attitude - What parents believe about their children's behavior will determine what the parent will do about the behavior.
* Taking good care of yourself
* Attitude adjustment
* Who's problem is it?
* Who should be angry?
* Paradoxical techniques
* Teaching self control to an out of control child

Some of the ideas presented in the lecture series can be found in Deborah's booklet: Therapeutic Parenting: It's A Matter Of Attitude

Professional Development - Day 2
Advanced Parenting - Day 2

Deborah Hage, MSW

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