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For Parents, Therapists and Caseworkers

Please contact Deborah for more information about booking her to speak at your workshop, seminar or as a keynote speaker. Paula will be happy to help with particulars of speaking engagements after the dates have been set with Deborah. If you would like Deborah's Curriculum Vitae, contact Paula for a copy.

Brain Function

Deborah's lectures are packed full of how the brain learns to function in utero, infancy, the first two years and early childhood. The content of the presentation is similar during the first day. A second day of presentation is also available and can be either:

The basic knowledge of the first day is imperative. When planning a seminar or workshop for a varied audience consider setting aside three days so that after day one, parents and caseworkers can be maximally trained in their areas of expertise.

Some of the ideas presented in the lecture series can be found in Deborah's booklet: Therapeutic Parenting: It's A Matter Of Attitude

Deborah Hage, MSW

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