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Summer 2008 Manchay, Peru

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Wilfredo and family

Wilfredo is a single father who has intermittent custody of his son. He owns the land. It is reached by a very steep, uneven, slippery path. Wilfredo's sister Flora and her two daughters Azul, 10 and Maria 4, live with him. They have a small one room house that needs a concrete floor poured inside the walls and a roof. They need another small one room home. Azul is pictured chipping away at the rock wall where the new room will be built. They also need a 1m X 1m (3.28' x 3.28') enclosure for their toilet, which is up and to the right out of the photo.

Lydia and her children

Lydia Quispe Gutierrez is a single mother who supports herself by cooking in the parish kitchens. Her son, age 6, attends the parish school on scholarship. Her daughter is 2. She has two old houses that are falling down. They need to be taken out and one new house built. It will not be very wide but can be long. The area for the new house goes into the rock wall behind the house so rocks will have to be chipped out and the space leveled. The house is at the top of a very steep and winding foot path.

Living conditions of family

Pablo and his wife Victoria have 5 children. The plan is to tear down the lean to and put in its place 3 bedrooms, each with a window and door opening up to the courtyard.

Rogers' family

Roger was not yet home from work as a construction worker and it was dark so we just have a photo of Susanna his wife, Nick 4 and Dennis 2 1/2.  They are living with relatives until something can be built on their land.  It is not level and the builder will visit it with Roger to draw up the plans. Roger will work to level it.  It was too dark for us to go see it so I don't know how steep it is or what is involved in getting construction materials to it.

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Deborah Hage, MSW

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