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Manchay Peru - Handicapped Center - 2004



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Construction (continued)

Kat and Chris build a wall
Kat and Chris mixing mortar
Kat and Chris still working on the wall

Wall finished by Kat and Chris

Kat and Chris finished with the wall

Others working on another wall  
working on a wall  
Michael building his wall
Michael building his wall
Barbara plastering a wall Deborah mixing mortar
Barbara plaster a wall Deborah mixing mortar
Frank building roof supports  
Frank building roof supports  
Paul plastering
Paul plastering
After the footers are poured, Paul is told to carve out
a hole for more rebar
After the wall is plastered, Deborah is told to carve out a niche for an electrical outlet
More rebar needed Electrical nitch needed

Deborah Hage, MSW

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