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Manchay Peru - Handicapped Center - 2004

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Manchay, Peru
Manchay is a shanty town outside of Lima, Peru. Its residents were driven out of their mountain homes to these poverty conditions by the"Shining Path" guerrillas. The community, not numbering 40,000,carry on a meager existence with no plumbing, little electricity, few schools and little medical care.
Father Jose

La' Iglesia de la Virgen de Rosario in background

Against this backdrop La´ Iglesia de la Virgen de Rosario rises.
Into these bleak conditions came Father Jose Chuquillama. An energetic, powerful, compassionate model of what it means
to be Christian.

Under Father Jose's Direction:

Student body Meal preparation
Schools have been built Meals are provided

Children playing music

Music is experienced

Children dancing in costume

Dancing is joyful

Student Chefs Place of worship
Chefs are trained
Worship opportunities abound
Children playing in playground of day care center Pharmacy and drug store
Day care is available Medical care is affordable

CalfAnimal husbandry is practiced

Hydroponics operation
Hydroponics gardening is providing fresh vegetables

Student bakers
A teaching bakery has been established

Father Jose has truly made the desert blossom!

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Deborah Hage, MSW

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