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Manchay, Peru 2003

Collage of pictures taken in Manchay, Peru in 2003Manchay was blessed in May with thearrival of Erica Musall and Vanessa Ward, two teenagers from New York, who accompanied me on a small work mission. We spent 4 days in the parish, working at the school, teaching English, and playing with the children. After getting a feel for life in the slums the girls each hosted a young girl from Manchay to go with us to Cuzco and Machu Pichu. In all liklihood this would be the one and only time the girls will see their own country outside of the confines of their poverty.

We had a wonderful time, from the squeals of Teresa Chipani (17) and Ana Curasi (14)as the plane took off for the first flight of their life to the beautiful city of Cuzco to the amazing hike to Machu Pichu to the exhausted flight back to Lima. While the work in Manchay was important for us all to participate in, the most valuable part of the experience was the gap closing between two American teens and two Peruvian teens. The coming together of the two vastly different worlds was life changing for all four of them.

Picture of girl by grain grinding stone Two girls leaning on tall rock wall Girl standing by house with Manchay in background
Girl leaning against shanty in Manchay Kids playing by the construction site of the Handicapped Center in Manchay
Group photo somewhere in Peru Group photo somewhere in Peru Finished room in the Handicapped Center, Manchay
Foundation of the Domestic Violence Center project


Deborah Hage, MSW

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