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At Your Service
Weddings, Vow Renewals, Graveside & Ash Spreading Services

At Your Service offers officiating services for weddings and vow renewals in Summit County.

Because I have lived in Summit County for over 30 years I can help you find the exact location (Island in Dillon Reservoir? Ski Slope? Riverside? Fireside?), season, and time for your ceremony that will be the best fit for you. My goal is to offer every couple a Ceremony that fits their desires and beliefs.

I can provide a variety of ceremonies for a variety of personal beliefs, values, lifestyles and message desired.

Same-sex couples are always welcome. Religious, spiritual, contemporary, non denominational, interfaith…..

The ceremony is designed just for you! Writing personal vows for inclusion in the ceremony is encouraged and welcomed! Extra readings, candle lighting, tree planting, and other personalized additions to the ceremony are also welcomed and encouraged.

Weddings are joyful occasions! The ceremony needs to be reflective of that joy, filled with light heartedness while reflecting the solemnity of the moment.

I also offer grave side services and services for spreading loved ones' ashes, including pets.

Please contact me for more information about rates and services offered!

At Your Service,
Deborah Hage




Deborah Hage, MSW

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