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About Deborah Hage

Lecturer, Author, Therapist, Therapeutic Foster Mother
Specialist in Attachment Issues and Related Brain Development

Deborah Hage remains happily married to Paul Hage since 1969 and 14 children. They have given birth to two children, adopted seven children and have been therapeutic foster parents to five other children. Most of the children have been physically, emotionally, behaviorally and/or intellectually challenged. They have dealt extensively with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, educational and legal issues. At one point in time 8 of the children were teenagers at once! They went through the throes of emancipation, with several seeking out and finding birth parents and others finding that the surest way to leave home was to go to jail.

In her "Parenting With Pizazz" lecture series Deborah shares how they have stayed sane through the trials and triumphs of parenting their children, most of whom entered their lives with emotional scars due to abuse and neglect. She lectures nationwide and in Canada on bonding and attachment as well as techniques which, when added to normal parenting styles, have a positive effect on children who are behaviorally problematic. Her presentations include information on how to make it more fun to be a parent and children more fun to be around, as well as when to hang on and when to let go. Interventions which are appropriate at home for children who are a danger to themselves, their family and/or their community are addressed.

Deborah has contributed chapters and articles on therapeutic parenting to several books and publications. She has compiled some of the information from her lectures into a booklet titled, Therapeutic Parenting, It's A Matter of Attitude! It is available by mailorder. She has written numerous other articles and is in private practice and available for lectures, workshops and consultations.

Deborah Hage, MSW

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